Architectural plans

JD explores your design preferences, embedding them into architectural plans. We deliver detailed plans for furniture, plumbing, lighting, electrical setups, ceiling features, HVAC, heating, and tile designs, with essential elevations and drawings.

3D renderings

JD provides you with 3D images showcasing planned spaces and design concepts so you can easily and accurately visualize styles, finishes, accessories and other product-specific design details.

Kitchen/carpentry design & planning

JD provides work plans for bids and assists you in the selection of materials and colors necessary for the execution of carpentry plans.

reparation of custom furniture

JD provides custom work plans to various craftsmen or artisans and oversees the production and installation of said items.


JD assists and guides you in the selection of all materials required for the project’s completion including colors, manufacturers, suppliers, interior/exterior doors, tiles, windows, sanitary fixtures, lighting, moldings, plants, decking, movable furniture, art and accessories.


JD accompanies or represents you in meetings with selected contractors and subcontractors for review of construction drawings.




JD prepares a bid-book, requests proposals, conducts a bid opening, as well as evaluates and makes contractor recommendation. JD supplies the contract to be used between the contractor and client as well as verifies the contractor’s credentials and insurance policy.

Professional Providers

JD selects professional providers to be used during the project including subcontractors, suppliers, planners and consultants.


Upon completion of the planning stage and before the start of work, JD prepares a detailed budget estimating the total cost of the project.


JD manages and oversees the permit process for you and engages a third party to acquire the permits.

scheduling & coordination

JD provides an estimated time table and schedule for the project based on the timetables provided to JD by the contractor. JD monitors the day-to-day activities of the project and coordinates scheduling and delivery of materials with the professional providers.

JD on-Site supervision

JD supervises ongoing work throughout the construction phase, monitoring progress and quality, including visits to the site approximately 3 days a week. JD coordinates and participates in on-site meetings, oversees all installations and post-project cleaning.